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Temple Treatments in Coral Gables, FL

Dr Rene Garcia MD

Medically Reviewed by Dr René García

We provide several temple treatments at The Aesthetics MD to help patients achieve a more youthful appearance.

These procedures can help improve the hollowing or sunken look that often occurs as we age. If you live in or around Coral Gables and want to learn more about your temple treatment options, please call our office to set up a consultation.

We would be happy to discuss the different types of treatment available and help you choose the best option for your individual needs.


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Temple treatments and why they are beneficial

Temple treatments can help bring back and refresh the look of the face, which is especially important as we age.

Over time, the temples may become hollow or sink in, giving them a gaunt, aged look. 

Treatments like soft tissue fillers or Restylane Lyft can help add volume back to the area to bring a more youthful and healthy appearance back to your face.

Temple treatments also reduce hollowness and give you longer-lasting results that make your skin look healthier.

Different types of temple treatments available

Restylane Lift is an ideal temple treatment to diminish signs of aging.

Restylane Lift focuses on the temples and helps restore volume, which makes the face look younger. Treatment with Restylane Lift has the added benefit of being permanent, ensuring long-term effects and helping you look your best for years to come.

Restylane Lift is a safe choice for anyone who wants to reverse the effects of time on their face and improve the balance of their face without invasive surgery.

It is a quick and easy way to give your face a lift and define your features. There isn’t much downtime or pain involved.

Before and after photos of patients who have had successful treatments

Patients who get temple treatments to make their temples look younger can get very good and sometimes even dramatic results. Before and after pictures of past patients can give you a better idea of the different kinds of results you can get from this kind of procedure.

Seeing the changes in the shape and projection of the temples shows that this treatment option worked well in the long run.

Please get in touch with us so we can go over with you through the different before and after photos.


The beauty of rejuvenating treatments like Restylane Lift lies in providing volume replacement where it’s needed most, bringing youthful sharpness and body back to an area that has lost its fullness over time.

Overview of the temple treatment process

The process of treating the temples can help the face look much better by reducing signs of aging.


Restylane Lift is a leading product designed as a temple treatment that works to restore structure, reduce wrinkles, and provide volume in this area of the face.


Restylane Lift is hand injected into targeted areas and contains hyaluronic acid that binds to water molecules, which provides hydration, softening, and filling in sunken areas of the temples, resulting in a more youthful face.


All Restylane products, such as Restylane Lift, are formulated with lidocaine for a comfortable experience during each injection session. Talk to Dr. Rene Garcia, our med spa doctor, about Restylane if you’re interested in rejuvenating your look around the temples with this popular injectable.

Where to get temple treatments in Coral Gables, FL

Those located in Coral Gables, FL, can look to temple treatments as a solution for their hollowed or sunken temples.

At our modern Coral Gables Med Spa, our skilled doctor and esthetician can help bring out your natural beauty with little to no downtime. Our med spa offers safe and effective temple treatments that are usually combined with customized facial treatments for improvement of the skin’s quality, such as HydraFacial or deep facials, facial PRP, microneedling, or chemical peels. The improvement of the skin’s quality is  planned by a professional esthetician based on the needs of the individual skin.

No matter what kind of temple treatment a person gets at The Aesthetics MD office, whether they want fuller contours or collagen production, they will get the best results possible.

Temple treatments can be a great way to add volume to the face and fill in hollow spots. With these treatments, you can look and feel years younger with no pain or downtime.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to do your research before choosing a provider.

By visiting Dr. Rene Garcia in Coral Gables, FL, for a consultation on temple treatment, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality service and care.

If you’re ready to gain a new level of confidence that comes with having beautiful temples, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today and get started on your journey.